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Whiskey Stones Australia

What are Whiskey Stones?

They are ice cube shaped rocks made from either Soapstone or Granite and are high in quality and are made for the very reason of keeping your drink cold without watering it down over time like a traditional ice cube does.

They are known for being perfect for whiskey but are perfect for any beverage. Another common name for them is Whiskey rocks.

How do they work?

It’s actually really simple, you place them in your freezer and whenever you have a nice drink you place them in, they will keep the beverage very cold for a long period of time and will never water it down and cause the alcohol or other drink to lose its integrity.

The corners of the stones are rounded which ensure you will not damage your glassware in anyway.

Our most popular in store come in a set, so when you have friends over you have plenty of extras for them to use. Some people worry about if they are safe and the answer is yes. All whiskey stones are FDA approved for use and will never react with household solvents like alcohol or detergents.

The major benefit of them is the fact that you can reuse them over and over again. Simply rinse them off, dry them and put them straight back into the freezer for the next time you use them.

Everyone agrees that these are perfect for people who love ice in their drink but hate when the ice gets in the way or changes the flavour, these sit in the bottom of the glass and will never change your beverage again.

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